Volunteer (Windsor South Little League)


Always Looking for New Volunteers!

Managers, Coaches, Scorekeepers and more...


Volunteering is such an important part of Little League, without volunteers we wouldn’t exist.  This is especially true at the younger levels including T-Ball and Rookie Ball.

In T-Ball any parent can be a coach. We coach our kids all of the time no matter what they do. The main theme of T-Ball is showing kids how to throw, run, and catch. This is not the major leagues and these kids are out here to do one thing..... HAVE FUN!

If you have no baseball experience at all you can still help out. The more help we have with the little ones the less standing around and the more fun everyone has. 

If you would like to help out in any way please talk to one of the coaches either at Registration or at the Gym sessions.